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Do you need help driving attendees

to your webinar?

Webinar Strategy

Need attendees to a webinar? Gain hundreds or thousands of attendees through a webinar. Let’s Brainstorm together for the winning strategy. 


Set Up

Setting your webinar up for success is critical. From selecting the correct webinar platform and making sure the correct settings are in place is critical.


Driving Attendees

What is your goal for RSVPs? Typically there is a 46% attendee rate. With a 2-3 weeks notice we can reach your goal. 


Keeping Attendees Engaged

How to ensure attendees don’t get bored and exit the conference after so much work  has been put into place to gain their attendance.


Collecting Leads

There is more than one way to collect leads to a webinar. Are you familiar with creating multiple touch points?


Follow up of Leads

Follow up of the leads and setting the expectation of when the leads will be followed up with is key to converting leads. 

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