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How to Elevate Your Personal Brand Course

Are you serious about elevating your personal brand?

  • This 9-week course offers step-by-step instructions by video (15-20 minutes each week) of the weekly strategy and a homework assignment.

  • Weekly conversations for feedback or questions.

  • All Beta Participants will be given my book called “How to Elevate Your Personal Brand in 7 Days.” 

Here's a week-by-week breakdown of the 9-week course:

Week #1 - Introduction, What To Expect, Full Tool Box

Week #2 - Strategy Building for Viral Video Basics (Creating 2 Lists of People 1.) social circle 2.) Identifying your champions

Week #3 - Video Body Language

Week #4 - Writing for Social Media, Topics, Hashtags and Unique Hashtags, content creation.

Week #5 - Creating a video with your cell phone, recommended apps to use and best techniques

Week #6 - Protechnique #1 Gaining Emails / Email Marketing

Week #7 - Protechnique #2 Activating Social Circles

Week #8 - Protechnique #3 Activating Your Champions

Week #9 - Protechnique #4 Online Events (ex:Driving many people to an online webinar, keeping attendees engaged, and how to collect and leverage data from the webinars)

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